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26 December 1998

GENI is featured in best-selling book "The Acorn Principle"

Dear GENI Friend,

Happy Holidays! We hope you've had a terrific year -- and are making great plans for the final year of this century. If you'd like a jump start for the New Year, Jim Cathcart (a GENI Board member) has authored an excellent book. I'll admit to being biased in this referral.

Jim is one of the planet's top professional speakers and featured The GENI Initiative in The Acorn Principle. It was my pleasure to praise him by writing: Jim Cathcart is a master, but he'll never brag about it. If you meet him today, you'll find one of the classiest, fulfilling people on earth. This book gives you the simple steps to finding your mission -- and developing your own mastery of life. Jim says he wants to have a positive influence on mankind. The Acorn Principle promises to have that impact.

You will appreciate the book excerpts on GENI -- plus the gorgeous brochure. Every time this book is read around the world, our project has planted another seed*.

Our campaign for endorsements continues. We recently received the support of three leading women: Nadine Gordimer, 1991 Nobel Prize in Literature; Germaine Greer, noted feminist and Gillian Martin Sorensen, United Nations Assistant Secretary General. These prominent women offer an important breakthrough for this initiative. Your financial support has made this endorsement campaign possible and I know you'll appreciate the significance.


In partnership for the planet,

Peter Meisen

* p.s. Jim has made a special offer for you. You can buy the book through all the numbers on his brochure (USA $25 tax included). Or you can get a free book and tax donation with a $50 gift to GENI. Just circle this P.S. and return as your order.

Attachments: [Dymaxion Thinking by Jim Cathcart, The Acorn Principle, 1998]

[Where do you look—inside or outside? by Jim Cathcart, The Acorn Principle, 1998]

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