GENI Summary for 2009

Marketing: Changing the global conversation regarding Renewable Energy and the Transmission Grid

We actively marketed the GENI Initiative to 600 world leaders prior to the Copenhagen Climate Summit, mailed and emailed the monthly GENI-us newsletter and mailed and/or emailed the following intern research papers to the appropriate government or country leaders:

Other research papers were completed and will be marketed in 2010, including the following:

Renewable Energy Potential of Latin America, Renewable Energy Potential of Argentina, Ocean Energy Technologies, Installation of Solar PV on Warehouses in France and Kilowatt Dollar Research.  A German intern promoted the GENI Initiative and renewables to 37,000 members of AIESEC.

On, we continue to update articles on global trends in Renewable Energy Resources and Transmission Grids, Renewable Energy Maps and have added Energy Issues

We had 430,000+ unique visitors to and 1582 GENI-us subscribers to our e-newsletter. We started the RSS feed for these new articles in Nov. 2008 and will end this year 58,000 viewers.  Articles on the RSS feed were submitted daily to numerous social networking sites, including Facebook, Twitter resulting in 1,960 followers.

We have been approved for a Google AdWords Grant.

The World Resource Simulation Center (WRSC) began development.  For two days in June, we brought together 46 leaders in GIS mapping and comprehensive thinking to test out the concept and process of collaborative decision-making on global issues in an immersive, visual environment.  provides an overview.

The Eco Investor Guide was launched in partnership with GENI.

The Village Projects marketing site was launched and a team is working on the actual VP Website.

Conferences and Affiliations: Taking the GENI Initiative to world and industry leaders

Peter represented the GENI Initiative and the Eco Investor Guide by attending the following conferences:

  • RETECH Expo and Convention in Las Vegas in February
  • CERES in San Francisco in April
  • The Rotary Peace Symposium in Birmingham, UK in June
  • SRI in the Rockies in Tucson in October
  • ACORE Policy Conference in San Francisco in November

Administration: Providing the structure and support that make everything else possible

Three new part-time people were added to our three full-time staff (Peter, Paul-Michael & Patricia):

  • Mark Henshaw - works on marketing the WRSC and also created the Eco Investor Guide,
  • Alice Lee -  maintains our social networking presence, uploads articles to our website and is creating ads for our Google Ads account,
  • Anne Tolch - works on promoting the WRSC and is submitting grant proposals for funding.
  • Interns and volunteers - we had 47 new interns in 2009, a 7% increase over 2008.

Upgrades to GENI's technology included new flat screen monitors, a Wi-Fi network, SEO optimization for to maintain our position in the top 2% of all internet sites.

Financial: Driving a shift in global investing to Renewable Energy and the Interconnected Grid

GENI continues to get quarterly partnership contributions from the FTSE-KLD Global Climate 100 (GC100).  In addition, the Eco Investor Guide was launched in partnership with GENI at the SRI in the Rockies Conference.