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Wind Energy Potential in Armenia

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Armenia’s best wind resource areas are generally located on top of the higher ridges and mountains or in wind corridors such as mountain passes. Armenia is located beneath the mid-latitude westerly jet stream. The interaction of the jet stream and the major topographic features of Armenia is one of the factors that have a significant influence on the distribution of the wind resource. The jet stream influence is greatest from October through March. In the warmer part of the year (April through September), the jet stream is considerably weaker, and differential heating caused by the elevation changes within Armenia and between Armenia and locations to the north and east of the country controls the distribution of the wind resource.

The differential heating among the plateaus, ridge tops, and low elevation areas produce regional and local temperature and pressure gradients that cause the wind to blow. As a result of the regional and local winds, the wind resource distribution in Armenia during the warm season is quite disparate. Some locations have little wind resource and other locations, especially in some passes, have high wind resource. Overall, the combination of jet stream and regional heating influences produce a complex wind resource pattern in Armenia and it is highly recommended that measurements be made before any wind energy project is established.

Wind Energy Resource Atlas of Armenia


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