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Wind Energy Potential in China

China's Wind Power Potential
wind potential china

green=great, pink=good, blue=ok, yellow=poor (offshore & coastal potential not shown)

China's abundant inland and offshore wind energy resources provide potential for large-capacity, in-grid wind farms. By estimates of China Meteorology Research Institute the exploitable wind energy on the nationwide land totals around 253 GW, and the offshore wind energy is about 750 GW. Both of them add up to about 1000 GW. And the wind energy is widely distributed throughout the country.

By the end of 2005, China had built 59 wind farms with 1,854 wind turbine generators and a 1,266 megawatt in-grid wind power installed capacity, ranking it number ten globally.

Today, wind power in China is developing rapidly and receives particularly strong government support. The new Renewable Energy Law and its detailed incentive policies reflect the Chinese government's intention to build up this industry. By 2020, China plans to have 30 gigawatts of wind power.



Wind resource distribution in China

wind distribution china

The exploitable wind resources are very large, estimated at 250GW, mainly distributed in two large wind belts: the Coastal wind belt; and the Northern wind belt from Xinjiang via Gansu to the plateau of Inner Mongolia, of 10% which can be explored.

http://www.dow.wau.nl/msa/renewables/Downloads/ workpackage1/Final_report_workpackage_1.pdf

Wind Resources China

China's total exploitable wind resources add up to 1000 GW: 250 GW onshore, 750 GW offshore. The richest wind resources are located along the eastern coast, the offshore islands and in the northern, north-eastern and north-western.

Many areas have abundant wind resources but little solar radiation in winter, and experience the reverse situation in summer, suggesting the suitability of hybrid wind/PV systems. The 'Brightness Programme', focusing on poverty alleviation in the western provinces, covers the installation of around 4 000 such hybrid systems. However, despite the few operating costs for these systems, they remain too expensive for rural residents and the ongoing programme will have to allocate considerable amounts of subsidies to consumers.





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