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Geothermal Energy Potential in Armenia

Contour of heat flow with deduced heat flow zones

geothermal armenia

Distribution of Quaternary volcanic rocks and locations of thermal areas

geothermal armenia

Although no high-temperature geothermal resources have been identified in the Republic of Armenia, numerous lowtemperature resource areas (cooler than 100C) are present, mostly within a belt of Quaternary volcanism and elevated heat flow that trends northwest-southeast through the central part of the mountainous country.

Three areas (Jermuk, Ankavan and the Vorotan River Valley) have been identified as having the greatest immediate potential for commercial geothermal applications; thermal areas at Arzakan, Gyumri and Martuni are also of potential commercial interest. Further exploration in the central volcanic zone of Armenia is warranted in an effort to expand the identified geothermal resource base. Zones of young volcanism in the Jermakhpur area, the Jermuk basin, the Gegam Mountains and the Vardenis Mountains are attractive targets for new exploration.

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