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Geothermal Energy Potential in Mongolia

The main geothermal structures of Mongolia

geothermal mongolia

(map based on information from the Ministry of Agriculture and Industry of Mongolia, (1999), and maps published by the Geodesy and Cartographical Institute (2000))


Heat flow map of Mongolia

geothermal mongolia

(based on information from Ministry of Agriculture and Industry of Mongolia (1999); Dorofeeva, (1992) and maps published by the Geodesy and Cartographical Institute (1980 and 2000)


Hot springs of Mongolia

hot springs mongolia

A comprehensive investigation of the geothermal resources and their possible uses (for heating, power etc.) has, up to now, not been carried out in Mongolia. During the last two decades, some general studies have though been done on the geothermal regime in East Siberia and Mongolia, including the southern Siberian platform, Baikal rift zone, trans Baikal fold area, and Mongolia, four regions differing in their geology and tectonics.



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