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Geothermal Energy Potential in Nepal

Location of thermal springs in Nepal
geothermal nepal

Geothermal manifestations occur in more than twenty-eight localities in Nepal, scattered for the most part along the Main Central Thrust and the Main Boundary Fault. Based on preliminary scientific studies conducted in the early 80s over a dozen geothermal localities, attempts to utilize geothermal energy were abandoned since the subsurface temperatures were not economically viable for generating electricity.

The subsurface temperatures later measured with other geothermometers were also found to vary between 50 and 120C. The surface temperature of thermal water in different places ranges between 23 and 73C. localities in Nepal, stretching right across a southeast-northwest elongated region. Most of these are confined to three distinct tectonic and structural features that characterize the Himalayas in general.
The first group is located beyond the Higher Himalayas and north of the main Central Thrust (MCT), which itself is situated between the units of the Lower and Higher Himalayas. It dips northwards and separates into two very different assemblages of rock. Below it are gneiss, schist, phyllite, quartzite, and marble of the Lesser Himalayan Formations. Above it, a sequence of high-grade metamorphic.

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