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Geothermal Energy Potential in Azerbaijan

geothermal azerbaijan

The exploration and evaluation activities in Azerbaijan indicate a high potential for geothermal development.
Use of thermal waters for greenhouse heating in the Lenkoran region, Kuraside zone (Djarly, Muradkhanly, Sor-Sor), Gandja, and Yalama-Khudat regions are found to be promising. The production capacity of the Lenkoran, Massaly, and Astara regions is estimated to be about 25,000 m3 day. Wells have produced waters with wellhead temperatures of 40?C and rates of 40 l/s.

Geothermal resources of Azerbaijan are represented by thermal water of low and middle temperature (35-650C). The thermal water is extracted from natural sources. There is no data on overall used thermal power. The reserves of thermal water were discovered and partially studied with exploration drilling for oil and gas.



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