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Geothermal Energy Potential in Indonesia

Geothermal Prospects in Indonesia and Its Potential and Development Progress

geothermal indonesia

Geothermal development in Indonesia concentrates mostly in Sumatra, Jawa-Bali and North Sulawesi as these areas have appropriate infrastructure and until recently have had rapid growth of electricity demand.

A total reserve of about 9,100 MWe is defined by the summation of proven (2,000 MWe), probable (600 MWe) and possible (6,500 MWe) potential for fields distributed in Sumatra, Java-Bali, Sulawesi and other islands drilled for electricity generation purposes.

http://www.geothermie.de/egec_geothernet/menu/frameset.htm >> Geothermal Development Progress in Indonesia: Country Update 1995-2000


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