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Geothermal Energy in Belarus

Position of borehoels, studied in geothermal respect in Belarus
Temperature distribution at the depth of 500 m for Belarus, Isolines in oC
Heat Flow Density distribution within Belarus, Isolines in mW/m2

The territory of Belarus belongs to the Precambrian East-European Platform. Such areas are usually rather cold ones and there are no high-enthalpy geothermal steam reservoirs useful for electricity production.
Geothermal water and brines in Belarus have temperatures from 10C at depths around 200-500 meters within the Belarussian Anteclise and the Orsha Depression to 80-110C at depths of 4-5.5 km in the south-eastern part of Belarus. Their increased and high values are typical for the Brest Depression and the Pripyat Trough. Heat Flow density for the territory ranges from below 20-30 mW/m2 for Precambrian units (the Belarussian Anteclise, Orsha Depression, the Latvian, Polessian and Zhlobin saddles) to 70-80 mW/m2 within the northern part of the Pripyat Trough.

Preliminary estimates show that geothermal energy resources are equivalent 0.5 to 5-6 tons of an conventional fuel per m2 in Belarus. The highest geothermal potential is related to the Pripyat Trough.

http://www.geothermie.de/egec_geothernet/menu/frameset.htm >> Preliminary Estimates of Geothermal Potential of Belarus


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