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Geothermal Energy in Romania

Location of the Romanian geothermal reservoirs

Exploration for geothermal resources began in Romania in the early 1960s, arising from a hydrocarbon search program which as an unexpected benefit also identified eight promising geothermal areas. Within these areas, over 200 wells, drilled to depths between 800-3500 m, show the presence of low- enthalpy geothermal resources (40-120C). Completion and experimental exploitation of over 100 wells during the past 25 years has enabled evaluation of the exploitable heat available from these geothermal resources..

Proven geothermal reserves in Romania are currently about 200,000 TJ for 20 years. The principal Romanian geothermal resources are found in porous and permeable sandstones and siltstones (for example, in the Western Plain and the Olt Valley), or in fractured carbonate formations (Oradea, Bors, North Bucharest). The total thermal capacity of the existing wells is about 480 MWt (for a reference temperature of 25C).
Of this total, only 152 MWt are currently used, from 96 wells (of which 35 wells are used for balneology and bathing) that are producing hot water in the temperature range of 45-115C.
For 1999, the annual energy utilisation from these wells was about 2,900 TJ, with a capacity factor of 0.6. More than 80% of the wells are artesian producers, 18 wells require anti-scaling chemical treatment, and six are reinjection wells. The main direct uses of the geothermal energy are: space and district heating -- 37%; bathing -- 30%; greenhouse heating -- 23%; industrial process heat -- 7%; fish farming and animal husbandry -- 2%.

>> Romania Update Report for 1995-1999


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