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Geothermal Energy in Serbia

Heat flow map (mW/m2) of Serbia
Locations of major thermal springs and wells of Serbia (1 - balneology, 2 - balneology, space heating, agriculture, 3 -not used)
Distribution of major convective type geothermal systems in Serbia
Distribution of granitoid intrusion potential of HDR locations

Within the territory of Serbia, excluding the Pannonian Basin, i.e. the terrain comprising solid rocks, there are 159 natural thermal springs with temperatures over 15 oC. The warmest springs (96 oC) are in Vranjska Banja, followed by Josanicka Banja (78 oC), Sijarinska Banja (72 oC) Kursumlijska Banja (68 oC), Novopazarska Banja (54 oC).
The total flow of all natural springs is about 4000 l/s. The highest flows are from thermal springs draining Mesozoic karstified limestones, and the next highest are those from Tertiary granitoids and volcanic rocks. The greatest number of thermal springs are in the Dinarides, then the Carpatho-Balkanides, the Serbian- Macedonian Massif, and the lowest, only one in each, the Pannonian Basin and the Mesian Platform.
As to their elevation, the greatest number of thermal springs are within the range 200-300 m. More than 90% of all thermal springs are at elevations below 600 m.

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