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Geothermal Energy in Slovenia

Geothermal Resources in Slovenia

(Legend: Isotherms (oC) - Boreholes with geothermal measurements - Locality for direct heat utilization)

Slovenia is relatively rich in thermal water springs. Twenty one natural thermal springs are known with temperature close to or above 20 C, however, there are several drilled localities where no surface thermal manifestations existed. Details about the geothermal field of Slovenia as well as geotectonic background can be found in Ravnik (1991), Ravnik et al. (1992) and Ravnik et al. (1995).
Geothermal investigations and results of hydrogeological and geophysical research as well as the methods used for determination of geothermal resources are briefly described in Rajver et al. (1995) and Ravnik et al. (1995). Information about the present direct use of geothermal energy and some geothermal projects in northeastern Slovenia is given in Kralj (1996, 1998, 1999), Kralj et al. (1994) and Vorsic et al. (1995).

Geothermal energy is estimated to currently supply approximately 703 TJ/yr of heat energy through direct heat applications in Slovenia.

>> State-of-the-Art of Geothermal Energy Use in Slovenia (Country Update)


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