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Geothermal Energy in Croatia

Temperature Gradient Distribution and Geothermal Resources of Croatia

The northern part of the Republic of Croatia, in geological terms a part of the Panonian sedimentary basin, having an average temperature gradient of 0.049░C/m and vertical conductive heat flow of 76 mW/m2 (JeliŠ et al., 1995), can be considered a large geothermal energy accumulator.

The great majority of wells drilled for oil or natural gas, being positive or dry in terms of hydrocarbons, penetrated aquifers that, belonging to such a warm environment, could be considered geothermal reservoirs. Nevertheless, taking into account technological and economic criteria, only those producing water with temperatures above 65░C were classified as geothermal wells.

Comparison of the total geothermal energy that could be produced using conventional heat exchange systems with the total primary energy production in Croatia of 198.4 PJ/yr (according to Vuk et al., 1998), shows that an appropriate utilization of geothermal resources would ensure their contribution of 6.7%. Comparison of the same figure with the total primary energy supply, 348.0 PJ/yr, means the potential provides 3.8% coverage of the energy needs of the country. In the case of heat pumps, which means we consider geothermal water outlet temperature down to 25░C, the contribution of geothermal to the total primary energy production and the total primary energy supply would increase to 9.2% and 5.3%, respectively.

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