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Geothermal Energy in Switzerland

Geothermal heat flow density

The geothermal heat flow density (mW/mē) is a measurement of the heat transmission by unit of time and by unit of surface area. As shown on the map, the region of Basel, the region of the Aare estuary, and a region in eastern Switzerland have especially high values.

Over the area of Switzerland, the total geothermal heat flow is slightly above 3 GW, which corresponds to 28 TWh per year. A sustainable use of geothermal energy is limited to this value. Furthermore, questions regarding usage rights arise since heat extraction occurs across plots of land or political borders.

The original map has been kindly placed at our disposal by professeur Ladislaus Rybach, Swiss Federal Institute of Technology, Zurich.


Geothermal Drillholes

The Swiss geothermal mix has two main components:
1) shallow resources utilization (horizontal coils, borehole heat exchangers/BHE, foundation piles, groundwater wells;
2) use of deep resources (deep BHEs, aquifers by singlet or doublet systems, tunnel waters). Heat pumps (HP) are key components in practically all utilization schemes. The BHE/HP system is especially suitable for a country like Switzerland where construction space is limited and land expensive.

http://www.geothermie.de/egec_geothernet/menu/frameset.htm >> Swiss Geothermal Update 1995-2000


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