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Geothermal Energy in Bulgaria

Geothermal sites distribution and installed capacity by administrative regions (1998)

The country is rich in low enthalpy geothermal energy. Conductive heat flow data vary within the interval 30-80 mW/m2, while in the hydrothermal zones it reaches 140 mW/m2 (Sofia depression) and 200 mW/m2 in the Erma reka region (Petrov and Bojadgieva,1993).

The geological structure of Northern and Southern Bulgaria is variegated and contrasting. The hydrothermal systems were formed mainly during the Alpine tectonic activity in the Balkan region. Natural thermal springs are not found in the region of Northern Bulgaria. Two artesian basins are located in it - the Moesian and Varna basin. Thermal water was discovered only in deep wells.
The southern part of the country has abundant springs which provide drainage of nonstratified mountain systems. The springs are developed mainly in granite and granitoid intrusions and ancient siliceous and metamorphic complexes.

The hydrothermal data comes from prospecting carried out in hundreds of exploratory and production wells, springs, ore pits and tunnels. In the ex-socialist countries, geological exploration had extensive budgets enabling the identification of geothermal reservoirs, proven by wells. The depth of the hydrothermal exploratory wells ranges from 100 to 5000 m in Northern Bulgaria and from 100 to 1500 m in Southern Bulgaria.

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