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2002 Subscribe

  • December — Must we accept climate change -- and adapt to it?
  • November — Business and governments embracing renewables
  • October — Out of Africa: Grand plans for energy integration
  • September — World Summit on Sustainable Development: Success or Failure?
  • August — GENI at the Extremes: Regional Transmission Organizations in the US, and a light bulb in Mali
  • July —World Renewable Energy Conference report and the Johannesburg Summit on Sustainable Development
  • June —Wind Power Blowing Worldwide
  • May — Good News Below the Radar
  • April — GENI's 2002 Game Plan
  • March —Kickstarting the Renewable Energy Industry
  • February Wind, Wind, Wind – and Don't Forget to Turn Out the Light
  • January — If you Want Peace, Work for Justice

2001 Subscribe

  • December — Poverty and Environmental Degradation can Lead to Terrorism — Write a letter to your policy-maker now.
  • November — The World Energy Conference Report and Request for your Support
  • October — Out of Adversity...
  • September — U.S. Federal and State Officials argue about transmission siting
  • August — GENI Exhibit at the World Energy Congress -- working to ameliorate the experts prediction of 5 degree increase in next 100 years
  • July — The U.S. National Energy Grid gets corporate backing
  • June — President Bush's Energy Strategy -- The Dalai Lama's Endorsement
  • May — Western Hemisphere Leaders pledge to integrate renewables
  • April — UK to boost renewables - Syria/Jordan link up
  • March — Population Growth & Global Warming - both Up — neither is positive.
  • February — Breakthrough on the Korean Peninsula
  • January — What the World Wants

2000 Subscribe

  • December — Requesting Your Continued Support into 2001
  • November — We Research, Educate & Promote — ABB (and others) Build
  • October — United Nations Millennium Summit: Sept. 6-8, 2000, Leaders Take a Stand for a Better World.
  • September — Are We Reaching People Who Make the Decisions? Yes! Is it Fast Enough? Maybe Not!
  • August — Success on 2 Continents!
  • July — Sharing the Wealth
  • June — 7 Days in May that Changed the World
  • May — Korean Dialogue — Worth the Wait
  • April — Life Imitates Art
  • MarchGrid Connection the Key to Cooperation in the Middle East
  • February — GENI 2000 Working for a Better World
  • January — US-Africa Energy Minister's Summit

1999 Subscribe

  • December — May You Live in Interesting Times
  • November — US-Africa Energy Minister's Summit: www.africaenergy.org
  • October — Buckminster Fuller's Ideas Live On!
  • September — Latin American Energy Ministers Commit to Link Systems!
  • August — Join GENI at Hemispheric Energy Ministers Conference
  • July — Rotary International Convention and Notes from Asia: the Good and Bad News
  • June — 3 Global Events in 30 Days!
  • May — Green Energy — How about your city?
  • April — The Good News from Egypt and Jordan!
  • March — The Good News from South Africa and India-Pakistan!
  • February — The GENI Initiative at the International Development Conference (IDC)
  • January — GENI is featured in best-selling book "The Acorn Principle"

1998 Subscribe

  • December — The GENI Initiative connects at The 1998 State of the World Forum
  • November — GENI Affiliates are "Saving the World"
  • October — GENI presented to Energy Secretary Bill Richardson and former President George Bush
  • September — The GENI Initiative is featured in two global magazines this month!
  • August — Request: Share this information with someone important
  • July — Walter Cronkite and Desmond Tutu Endorse The GENI Initiative!
  • June — State of the World Forum presentation on A Compassionate Society?
  • May — Major Endorsements for The GENI Initiative: GENI Exhibition at Rotary International Convention
  • April — Buckminster Fuller Memorial Lecture at United States International University
  • March — Bangladesh's Prime Minister proposes Asian Energy Grid
  • February — Generator Top Wish... from Storm-hit Guam / Electrical Projects Foster Peace
  • January — Kyoto Protocol is an Historic Step

1997 Subscribe

  • December — The State of the World Forum
  • November — Remembering Mother Teresa, Lady Diana and John Denver
  • October — GENI Head Office Moves to World Trade Center of San Diego
  • September — Bobbi Deporter, Quantum Business. The Learning Forum and SuperCamp
  • August — Rio+5 Conference
  • July — 1st World Sustainable Energy Trade Fair
  • June — The GRID Initiative, a Compelling Strategy for Peace and Sustainable Development
  • May — World Peace, astronaut Russell Schweickart, and Robert Muller, Asst Sec Gen of the U.N.(retired)
  • April Support Request — The Grid Initiative
  • April — GENI Presents to: (Japan) PVTEC, Global Infrastructure Fund of Japan, United Nations University, Soka Gakkai; (Atlanta) Carter Presidential Center, CNN Environmental Documentary Unit
  • March — Newspaper article: The technology exists to move power freely across the grid; regulatory barriers are the only constraint
  • February — How long do we continue our course before these emergencies force a change in our direction?
  • January — London's Royal Institute for International Affairs, NOVEM's Energy Conversion Days, Sustainable Development article

1996 Subscribe

  • December — Latin American State of the World Forum, Shell Company's Long Range Planning Group
  • November — Vice President Al Gore, State of the World Forum, Vice Chairman of the U. N. General Assembly
  • October — Republican National Convention in San Diego / Linking Electricity for Peace (an Opinion Editorial for Your Newspaper or Magazine)
  • September — Republican National Convention / US Ambassador to the UN, Madeleine Albright / Under Secretary of State for Global Affairs, Tim Wirth
  • August — GENI History and Milestone report
  • July — Peace Corps Experiences with Patricia Stevens, GENI's Executive Director
  • June — Special Request to help find a Champion for GENI
  • May — GENI Strategic Mission Statement / Latin America State of the World Forum
  • April — The World Game returns!
  • March — Peace Negotiations between Israel and Syria, Sustainable Development: Tools for a Competitive Edge
  • February — With Bucky's vision, GENI is putting forward a comprehensive strategy for world peace!
  • January — Networks Could Generate Cure for Global Crisis

1995 Subscribe

  • December — Major Milestones of 1995: GENI as a world player
  • November — State of the World Forum
  • October — The Northern Forum, High Commissioner (Ambassador) from India to Singapore
  • SeptemberGlobal Power - the Electric Hypergrid is Cover Story in the New Scientist Magazine
  • August — R. Buckminster Fuller Centennial Symposium & Celebration, BBC Scotland Interview
  • July — Upcoming Buckminster Fuller Centennial Symposium and Celebration
  • JuneRediscover the GENIus In Us All, Letter from Dr. Jonas Salk
  • May — Cover Story: Society Of Computer Simulation's Simulation Magazine, SCS Mission Earth Activity, Ben Clymer
  • April — World Game, Buckminster Fuller Centennial Symposium and Celebration Co-Sponsors
  • MarchThe Hundredth Monkey Story, IEEE Power Engineering Society Conference, Nitin Desai, U. N. Under-Sec. Genl for Policy Planning and Sustainable Development
  • February — Israeli Electricity Council, Iceland State Electricity Works, Americas Summit,The Last Book You'll Ever Read by Frank Ogden
  • January — North/South Korean Negotiations, Vice President Al Gore, Associated Press

1994 Subscribe

  • December — What's Being Said By The Experts, World Citizen News
  • November — Why war? Why not big projects? by Alaskan Governor Walter Hickle, Chairman of the Northern Forum
  • October — Eng. M. Maher Abaza Address to Opening Session of CIGRE, U.N. Conference on Population and Development
  • September — A Solution to Global Problems
  • August — The Stages of an Idea
  • July — Board Retreat
  • JuneFund the Vision of GENI Campaign Results
  • May — World Conference of the Society for International Development (SID)
  • April — Affiliates in Australia, New Zealand, and Singapore
  • March — IEEE/PES (Institute of Electronic and Electrical Engineers/Power Engineering Society) Conference on Latin America
  • February — Article in Mechanical Engineering -- Magazine of the American Society of Mechanical Engineers (ASME)
  • January — GENI Computer Model

1993 Subscribe

  • December — San Francisco Technology Summit, Mission Earth Task Force of the Society for Computer Simulation
  • November — Peace Between the PLO and Israel, The Fastest Way to World Peace is Through World Trade
  • October — Fundraising Letter
  • October — International Solar Energy Society (ISES), International T&D (Transmission and Distribution) Expo
  • September — Campaign to Fund the Vision of GENI Contribution Evenings
  • August — Texas Contribution Evening — Commitments for our Fund the Vision Campaign!
  • July — Article is being published in the book, Power Generation Technology

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